Commited to quality and environment

In MARINA ALICANTE we acquire our commitment to provide our services so as to ensure the satisfaction of our customers and respect to the environment. In that same way, we are committed in promoting the reduction of consumption of electricity and water used in the carryng out of our activities, so as to control the waste generated, including the re-use of all those whose characteristics allow it.

Compliance with these principles is ensured by implanting and maintaining its environmental management system and quality according to the requirements of the ISO-14001:2004 and ISO-9001:2008, respectively.

Also, since 1997 the Bleu Flag award waves high and prouin our facilities, which is given to us by Association of Environmental and Consumer Education whom recognizes the quality, cleanliness and safety of our marina.

Quality Policy and environment

The Board of MARINA DEPORTIVA DEL PUERTO DE ALICANTE, SA, an organization dedicated to the comercial use of the Marina, is aware of its commitment to carry out their activities and providing services so as to ensure customer satisfaction and respect for the environment.

To do this, the Board MARINA DEPORTIVA DEL PUERTO DE ALICANTE, SA, after all the experience aquired, is committed to spread to word, keep up to date and to extend his compromise towards the enviroment to people and companies working alongside our organization as well as its quality standards and environmental policy by implementing control methods to assess their implementation and application; such policy is specified in the following guidelines:

The management is committed to compliance with environmental laws and regulations or other requirements applicable to the activities taking place in MARINA DEPORTIVA DEL PUERTO DE ALICANTE S.A, as well as to satisfie the needs of its customers.

Establishing and reviewing quality objectives and environment to our activities and services, as a system of continuous improvement, ensuring the analisis of all activities and services provided.
MARINA DEPORTIVA DEL PUERTO DE ALICANTE, SA communicates to all its staff and users of our facilities the protection and improvement of the coastline where we are placed, by training and awareness mechanisms, focusing on communication at all levels.

Establishing technical and financial means necessary to stop and prevent pollution at the source, and to prevent and eliminate, to the extent possible, all aspects that can have a negative impact on the environment as a result of their activities.

MARINA DEPORTIVA DEL PUERTO DE ALICANTE SA is committed to promoting the reduction of consumption of energy and water used in the conduct of its activities and the use of their facilities and waste control, encouraging reuse of all those which by its nature will allow.

Compliance with these principles is ensured through the implementation and maintenance of an Environmental Management System and Quality, based on the requirements of the ISO-14001: 2004 and ISO-9001: 2008 respectively, with the tool to define lines of action to achieve the objectives. 2nd January 2013

Marina Alicante


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