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Located next to the Fuel Station, the Waiting Dock allows you to board and board the guest passengers of your boat.

The occasional visitor will be able to dock at the Waiting Dock, to contact the Navy personnel and know which is a transit berth.

You will also be allowed temporary berthing for the provisioning of the boat in any of the multiple shops installed in Marina Alicante.
At the entrance to each of the pontoons there is a fire-fighting equipment composed of fire extinguishers and water intake with hose.

In addition, throughout the Marina Alicante Shopping Center you will find fire extinguishers strategically located for any emergency.
We have a fuel dock, with both gasoil and gasoline pumps, located next to the Captaincy Tower.

The delivery schedule is from 07:30 to 21:00 uninterrupted, from Monday to Sunday, holidays included.

You can also purchase lubricant products for your boat's engine, as well as refreshing drinks and ice.
The laundry room, located under the Control Tower of the Marina, has automatic washing machines and operating dryers by inserting coins.

The laundry utilization schedule is 24 hours a day.
Marina Alicante has the most advanced security systems, both active and passive, to preserve the tranquility that the user deserves. The security control room is located in the Marina Tower.

We have a system of infrared control cameras, permanent security person, both in static points of the Navy and through periodic rounds throughout the site.

Access to berths is restricted to users, through a control booth with permanent security personnel and protection and identification barriers.

The system of prevention and fight against incenidos consists of individual equipment in each pontoon, as well as pressured water inlets located in strategic points of the Navy.

For your safety at sea, it has updated weather forecasts in real time, permanent listening on channel 9 VHF, as well as boats, specialized personnel ... To set sail with complete peace of mind, knowing that on land we watch to make your navigation safe and quiet.
Located in different parts of the Marina, to facilitate access to users, the changing rooms have shower cabins, changing rooms, toilets ..

The access to these dependencies is restricted to the users of the Navy, with doors with electronic lock, with which the privacy of the user is guaranteed.
Next to the Muelle de Combustible there is a crane for launching small boats, up to 2Tn. In this same place is the area of ​​temporary parking of trailers and varada cars.

If you need to use such a crane, go to the crew, which will help you launch or strand your boat.
There are waste oil collection containers, batteries, glasses next to the gas station

For any help you need, you can contact Mariner, where they will gladly assist you.

Likewise, we have service for emptying faecal water tanks for boats.
Marina Alicante has a DIVER service for any operation you want. To contract this service, you must request it to the reception or crew.
At the Marina's fuel pump you can buy ice packs for cooling your drinks on board.

You can also get cans of cold sodas in the vending machines for drinks installed in the Captaincy building, in uninterrupted hours.
All the mooring points have individual drinking water connections.
All berths have electric power supply, depending on length 220V or 380V (16 amp..32amp.125Amp.) With availability of meters.

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