0. Object and Acceptance

This disclaimer regulates the use of the Web site https://www.marinaalicante.com (hereinafter, the WEB), of which it is titular MARINA DEPORTIVA DEL PUERTO DE ALICANTE (hereinafter, the owner of the WEB). Browsing the website of the web owner attributes the user status of the website and implies the full and unreserved acceptance of each and every one of the provisions included in this Legal notice, which may undergo modifications.

The user is obliged to make a correct use of the website in accordance with the laws, good faith, public order, traffic uses and this legal notice. The user will respond to the owner of the website or to third parties, of any damages that may be caused as a result of the breach of such obligation.

1. Identification and communications

The owner of the WEB, in compliance with Law 34/2002, of July 11, of services of the information society and of electronic commerce, informs to him that:

To communicate with us, we provide you with different means of contact that we detail below:

Tel: + 34 965 21 36 00
Email: recepcion@marinaalicante. com

All notifications and communications between users and the owner of the WEB will be considered effective, for all purposes, when they are done through postal mail or any other means of the detailed previously.

2. Conditions of access and use

The website and its services are free access, however, the owner of the website conditions the use of some of the services offered on your website to the previous completion of the corresponding form.

The user It guarantees the authenticity and topicality of all those data that it communicates to the owner of the WEB and will be the only one responsible for the false or inaccurate manifestations that it carries out.

The user expressly compromises to make an adequate use of the contents and services of the owner of the WEB and not to use them for, among others:

a) To disseminate content, criminal, violent, pornographic, racist, xenophobic, offensive, advocacy of terrorism or, in general, contrary to law or order public.

b) Introduce in the network computer viruses or perform actions liable to alter, damage, interrupt or generate errors or damages in electronic documents, data or physical and logical systems of the owner of the WEB or third parties; As well as hindering the access of other users to the Web site and its services by means of the massive consumption of the computer resources through which the owner of the Web provides its services.

c) Try to access the email accounts of other users or restricted areas of the computer systems of the WEB owner or third parties and, where appropriate, extract Information.

d) violate the rights of intellectual or industrial property, as well as violate the confidentiality of the information of the owner of the WEB or of Third parties.

e) To impersonate the identity of another user, the public administrations or a Third.

f) Play, copying, distributing, making available or otherwise communicating publicly, transforming or modifying the contents, unless it has the authorization of the holder of the corresponding rights or it is legally permissible.

g) To collect data for advertising purposes and to send advertising of any kind and communications for the purpose of sale or other commercial nature without its prior application or Consent.

All of the contents of the Web site, like texts, photographs, graphics, images, icons, constitute a work whose property belongs to the owner of the web, without that can be understood ceded to the user none of the rights of exploitation on the same more Beyond what is strictly necessary for the correct use of the Web.

In short, users accessing this web site can view the contents and make, where appropriate, authorized private copies provided that the elements played are not subsequently transferred to third parties, or installed to servers connected to networks, nor are they the object of any kind of exploitation.

Also, all trademarks, trade names or distinctive signs of any kind appearing on the website are the property of the owner of the web, without it being understood that the use or access to the same attribute to the user any right on the themselves.

The distribution, modification, cession or public communication of the contents and any other act that has not been expressly authorized by the owner of the exploitation rights are prohibited.

The establishment of a hyperlink does not imply in any case the existence of relations between the owner of the Web site and the owner of the website in which it is established, nor the acceptance and approval by the owner of The WEB of its contents or services. Those that they propose to establish a hyperlink previously must request written authorization to the owner of the WEB. In any case, the hyperlink will only allow the Access to the home page or homepage of our website, you must also refrain from making false, inaccurate or incorrect representations or indications about the owner of the website, or include illicit content, contrary to good manners and order public.

The owner of the website is not responsible for the use that each user gives to the materials made available on this website or the actions he performs based on them.

3. Disclaimer of Warranties and liability

The content of this website is general and has a purely informative purpose, without fully guaranteeing access to all content, its exhaustiveness, correctness, validity or actuality, or its suitability or usefulness for a Objective Specific.

The owner of the website excludes, to the extent permitted by the legal system, any liability for damages of any kind derived from:

a) The inability to access the website or the lack of veracity, accuracy, completeness and/or timeliness of the contents, as well as the existence of vices and Defects in All kinds of content transmitted, disseminated, stored, made available to those that have been accessed through the website or the services offered.

b) The presence of viruses or other elements in the contents that may cause alterations in the computer systems, electronic documents or data of the Users.

c) Non-observance of laws, good faith, public order, the uses of traffic and the present Legal notice as a result of improper use of the website. In particular, and as an example, the owner of the website is not responsible for the actions of third parties that violate property rights Intellectual and industrial, business secrets, rights to honor, personal and family intimacy and image itself, as well as rules on unfair competition and illicit advertising.

Likewise, the Web owner declines any responsibility for the information that is outside this website and is not managed directly by our Webmaster. The role of the Links That appear in this web is exclusively to inform the user about the existence of other sources susceptible to extend the contents that offers this web site. The owner of the website does not guarantee or be responsible for the operation or accessibility of the linked sites; Neither suggests, invites or recommends the visit to them, so neither will be responsible for the result obtained. The owner of the website is not responsible for the establishment of hyperlinks on the part of Third parties.

4. Privacy Policy

When we need to obtain information on your part, we will always ask you to provide it voluntarily to us expressly. The data collected through the data collection forms of the website or other routes will be incorporated into a personal data file duly registered in the General Register of Protection of Data of the Spanish agency of data protection, of which the owner of the WEB is responsible. This entity will treat the data confidentially and exclusively in order to offer the requested services, with all the legal and security guarantees imposed by the Organic law 15/1999, of 13 of December, for the protection of Personal data, Royal Decree 1720/2007, of 21 December and Law 34/2002, of 11 July, on services of the Information society and electronic commerce.

The owner of the website agrees not to assign, sell, or share the data with third parties without their approval Express.

Also, MARINA DEPORTIVA DEL PUERTO DE ALICANTE, Will cancel or rectify the data when it results Inaccurate, incomplete or are no longer necessary or relevant to their purpose, in accordance with the provisions of organic Law 15/1999 of 13 December on the protection of personal data.

The user may revoke the consent provided and exercise the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition by addressing the email of MARINA DEPORTIVA DEL PUERTO DE ALICANTE, identifying properly and indicating in a visible way the concrete right that is Exercises.

The owner of the website adopts the corresponding safety levels required by the aforementioned organic Law 15/1999 and other applicable regulations. However, it assumes no responsibility for any damages arising from alterations that third parties may cause in the computer systems, electronic documents or files of the User.

The owner of the website may use cookies during the performance of Services of the Website. Cookies They are physical files of personal information hosted in the user’s own terminal. The user has the possibility to configure their browser program in a way that prevents the creation of cookie files or warns of the Same.

If you opt to leave our web site through links to websites not belonging to our entity, the owner of the web will not be responsible for the privacy policies of such websites or cookies that they can store on the computer User.

Our e-mail policy focuses on sending only communications that you have requested Receive.

If you prefer not to receive these messages by email, we will offer you through the same the possibility of exercising its right to cancel and waive the receipt of these messages, in accordance with the provisions of title III, article

22 of law 34/2002 of services for the information and Trade society Electronic.

5. Procedure in the case of activities of an illicit nature

In the event that any user or third party considers that there are facts or circumstances that reveal the illicit nature of the use of any content and/or the carrying out of any activity on the Web pages included or accessible through the website, you must send a notice to the owner of the website by identifying properly, specifying the alleged infringements and expressly declaring and under your responsibility that the information provided in the notification is accurate.

For any litigious matter that incumbent to the Web site of the owner of the web, will be of application the Spanish legislation, being competent the courts and tribunals of ALICANTE (Spain).

6. Publications

The information administrative facilitated through the Web site does not replace the legal publicity of the laws, regulations, plans, general provisions and acts that have to be published formally to the official journals of the public administrations, which constitute the The only instrument that attests to its authenticity and content. The information available on this web site should be understood as a non-valid purpose guide Legal.

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7. Contact Forms

We inform you that the personal data supplied will not be transferred or communicated, even for its conservation, to third People.

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